The series features pure geometric forms, such as the cylinder, but with the difference that the integrated LED is arranged lengthwise, to provide a perspective that is completely different from the vertical arrangement usually found in the market.

It consists of wall lights, ceiling lights and built-in lights, and track models.


This is based on a latest-generation integrated LED (COB) which when operating at 350 mA, consumes 6.6 W, giving a luminous efficiency of 800 lumens for each LED. The reflector has an aperture of 47 degrees.

This model rotates 300 degrees vertically, and each head can rotate 240 degrees independently.

The cylinder is made of extruded aluminium, and the internal heat sink where the LED is housed is made from injected-moulded aluminium, as are the bases for fitting to the wall or ceiling.

The finish is matt white lacquer.