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Stellar light

Ceiling lamp diameter 35-50 cm polymethylmetraquilate screen

A ceiling light in two sizes, 370 and 500 mm, with a ceiling fixture base in translucent polymethyl–methacrylate (PMMA) with satin– finish on both sides, thermoformed to 3 mm thick (which allows the light to be dispersed towards the ceiling).Decorative ring in stainless steel and white, charcoal grey or burgundy lacquer. Diffusing shade in polymethyl–methacrylate (PMMA), thermoformed with black sides for the stainless steel model and gold lacquer for the other finishes.
A metal ring defining a circle of light make this simple ceiling light unique. Its rays shine a soft halo of light on the ceiling. Its formal simplicity, where light is the indisputable protagonist, make
this ceiling light an adaptable piece for multiple spaces. This range is available with different
finishes in stainless steel and black interior or white, black, charcoal grey and burgundy lacquer combined with a golden interior.