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COLLECTION Ceiling lamp with diffuser screen in methacrylate

Pop, Evoking pop art

A pop art style ceiling lamp with satin glass translucent diffusing shade that distributes light evenly. Its front shade is machined steel and comes in three different finishes: lacquered in matte white, matte black and metallic gold. Its clip-on fastening mechanism makes it easy to install.



Ceiling light with a stamped steel base and diffusing shade in translucent polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) with satin-finish on both sides, thermoformed to 3 mm thick. Decorative front shade in laser machined steel in four possible finishes: textured white, charcoal grey, burgundy or gold lacquer. It also has a supplementary 2-mm inner PMMA shade that aids light dispersion and prevents glare due to the intensity of LED lamps. The diffusing shade is affixed with a clip-on mechanism.