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Praise of the moon
Designed by Francesc Rifé



Taking the ultimate simplicity of a circle and subtle movements, the new Half collection, designed by Francesc Rifé , performs new choreographies of light,
dancing in the air and rotating on itself.
Half has become a tool for describing a cosmic journey, providing profoundly moving
impressions. We travel with it along the most emotive minimalist lines adopting a simple, flexible, versatile language, down a long path of possibilities, heights, and positions. Like the moon, it can turn on itself at the same time as it rotates around the Earth, controlling its light and its shadows. It seems to continually change shape but this perception is just the angles from which you see the illuminated part of its surface. From its brightest to its darkest expression, these are reflected in a perfect circle that combines the translucency of the glass
with the opacity of the metal, seeking a constant connection between light and movement.