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MLN Kronn/ 6240-6241-3240-3241

Designed by Stefan Kährs

A design based on a cylindrical geometric shape, which simultaneously gives the cylinder a square profile when combined with a specific height.
The main body is designed so that the lamp is located inside the cylinder, meaning that it does not affect the cylindrical volume.
This series, based on this main body, includes wall lights, ceiling spotlights and rail lights, adjustable ceiling lights and pendant lights, that can be used to meet any need in the home to be decorated.

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The main body and the front body are manufactured in injected zamak (a compound of zinc and copper), as this material provides the best finishes in an electrolytic bath, such as polished chrome.
Includes a GU10 lamp holder with an injected polycarbonate washer for 50 mm diameter LED lamps.
Single-phase and three-phase connection versions are available in the track models.