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Absolute Geometry

Wall lamp with external body in extruded aluminum

Collection Dau

Wall light Dau Mini series 2 x DOB LED 5 W 500 lumens (x2)
design Flemming Bjorn

MLN Dau 6892-6893-6894

MLN Dau 6892-6893-6894

A series of minimalist lines based on the square as a perfect geometric shape, from which the volume of the various models is constructed by extrusion.
Its sharp edges give a completely clean image of the volume that each model acquires.


The outer body is made of extruded aluminum while the inner body where the integrated LED is housed, is manufactured by injection mold in aluminum, so that it performs a double function: housing and fixing the led and dissipation of the heat emitted by the led
The wall mounting base is made of extruded aluminum and the base is made of injected aluminum.

It is manufactured in gloss chrome plating and mat black and white lacquered.


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