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LED WALL LIGHT DAU 2 x 9,3 W COB LED 956 lumens (x2)
MLN Dau 6836-6837-6838

Designed by Jordi Jané

The Dau series is a range of extruded cubic volumes presented in different combinations. Each piece is available in different finishing (such as brushed aluminium, brushed black aluminium and white lacquering), different sizes and different possibilities in light output.
The defining characteristic of this lighting range is its timeless formal purity, which makes it ideal
for use in both living and contract spaces.

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Dimable version in DALI system or 1–10 V on request. Extruded aluminium outer body. Finishes in anodised brushed aluminium, white lacquer (RAL 9016) and satin brushed aluminium in black.
Inner bodies: injected aluminium base mount. Injected aluminium LED support and heat sink
with a white lacquer finish (RAL 9016). Injected aluminium upper cover. Finishes in metallic grey lacquer (similar to RAL 9006 Mat), black lacquer (RAL 9005) and white lacquer (RAL 9016).