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Orbiting luminosity

Wall light with polymethylmetraquilate screens

Collection Elisa

Wall light with integrated 24W SMD LED, driver included in the base
design Jordi Jané

MMLN Elisa 6680-6681-6682

MMLN Elisa 6680-6681-6682

Inspired by the solar system appears ELISA, a wall light that is minimalist and timeless.
ELISA was designed to create a unique wash of light; its main body comprises a circle from two concentric rings of light emerge.
The trend-setting lighting firm has given ELISA an elegant aesthetic with pristine lines and top-quality finishes. This makes it the perfect collection to enhance spaces that seek a minimalist effect imbued with personality.


Wall light with two asymmetric diffusing shades in translucent polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) with satin-finish on both sides, thermoformed to 3 mm thick, with a third shade in stamped steel with a charcoal grey, burgundy or gold lacquer finish.

Stamped steel ceiling fixture base in white lacquer with an internal cylinder for housing the flexible LED strip to ensure the light is uniform across the whole surface area.


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