• MLN PLA / 6645-6646-6647-6648
  • MLN PLA / 6645-6646-6647-6648
  • MLN PLA / 6645-6646-6647-6648
  • MLN PLA / 6645-6646-6647-6648


SUSPENSION LED PLA SERIES 3 X DOB 11 W 2700 LUMENS MLN PLA / 6645-6646-6647-6648

Ontworpen door jordi jané

Collection of pendant lights in three sizes: 200, 400 and 600 mm in diameter with metal shade in four possible finishes: textured white lacquer; anthracite grey lacquer; copper lacquer; and gold lacquer.
The internal part is manufactured in polycarbonate to cover the whole perimeter, leaving only the three direct-to-mains LEDs used in this model visible.

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The cable length is 2,900 mm and it comes with two bases: for one or three connections. Accessories for wall socket assembly are also available.
A table lamp and floor lamp have also been developed with a 200 mm head. For these models, only the textured white lacquer and anthracite grey lacquer finishes have been produced.
The 200-mm diameter pendant light, and the table lamp and floor lamp feature 3 AC PCB LEDs by Acriche, each with an output of 300 lumens, while the 400-mm model uses 3 DOB LEDs each with 7 W and 560 lumens by ParagonLED, and the 600-mm model uses 11 W LEDs with an output of 845 lumens.